British food

I would like to deal with an ongoing perception that British food is bad food.

This perception seems to be largely based on the state of British food seen by GIs during World War 2, when rationing was in effect. Food supplies were erratic, quality and freshness were erratic and sub-optimal, and this lead to food being boiled, fried, and generally horribly overcooked.

The habit of overcooking and badly cooking food has taken a couple of generations to break, lead by new chefs like Jamie Oliver, Gordon Ramsay, and the likes. They are returning British food to its historic roots of fresh, seasonal foods prepared simply and deliciously.

Sadly, there is not a lot that can be done to change the bad eating habits of people on low incomes, but the same can be said of low-income families in every country. Just give traditional British cooking a chance… you may be surprised!

And to deal with another myth… according to the OECD, the British have the best teeth in the entire OECD. So there!


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  1. Must say that we have such a rich and varied variety of foods here in Britain and sometimes things you would normally associate other countries with first. Cheese, breads, beer, wine to name a few. We also have a wholesome variety of fruits and vegetables…the humble strawberry (with cornish clotted cream) as one example.

    I also want to add the reemergence of farmers markets here in the UK. They never really went away however are becoming more popular with markets springing up closer to and in the cities. We have one here in Hackney (the cockney East End!)

    No matter what anyone says…can I also say how cool Delia Smith is. She has spent the last 40 years bringing basic cooking to the masses!

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