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  • Pickled Eggs

    Pickled eggs. Easy, right? Eggs, vinegar, how hard can it be? That’s a fair point. It’s pretty much that easy. But as always, there are some details that can help to know. Pickle brine ingredients for 12 large eggs. 1 cup / 240ml water 1 cup / 240ml vinegar 1 tablespoon pickling spice 1/4 teaspoon […]

  • Keto friendly British sponge pudding

    What I’m writing here is an incomplete recipe. This is because the sheer diversity of British sponge puddings is ridiculous, so I’d rather give you the basic recipe that you can tweak with any of the eleventy zillion different options. Chocolate sponge, jam sponge, chocolate, and did I mention chocolate? Yum yum. All tweaks from […]

  • Keto friendly chocolate sponge pudding

    Look, America, you are responsible for lots of good stuff. But your understanding of “pudding” is desperately bad. It’s not just yellow flavour or brown flavour. It’s so much more. And here’s an example. It’s rich, decadent, chocolatey goodness. It’s keto friendly, so low carb. And it’s … well, it’s brown. Shut up! 6oz / […]

  • Paggis – pork haggis

    Shh, don’t tell anyone in Scotland but… I made haggis from pork instead of lamb. I know, it’s probably sacrilege, but pork is a fraction of the price of lamb, and simple economics dictate that if I want delicious haggisness, it needs to be in a reasonable price bracket. So… paggis! (And thank you to […]

  • Figgy Pudding Cheesecake

    So, you want a plum pudding cheesecake. I have you covered. Yes, the title says figgy pudding…. this has both figs and plums in it, so I still have you covered! This is a crustless cheesecake. You are welcome to add one if you wish. 3 packs cream cheese (8oz / 225g each) 1 cup […]

  • Baked custard

    Baked custard is another classic British pudding. It’s simple, cheap, and feels way more gluttonous and indulgent than the ingredients would suggest. It’s also inherently gluten free! 600ml / 18 US fl oz heavy whipping cream 3 large eggs 50g / 2oz caster (fine table) sugar 1 tsp vanilla essence (or to taste) 1/4tsp ground […]

  • Spotted Dick Mug Cake

    This is the instant version of my full Spotted Dick recipe. See there for my comments on the name! This version is gluten free, sugar free, and can be easily tweaked to be keto friendly. Enjoy! INGREDIENTS 1 tablespoon (or so) of currants, raisins, or as you prefer 1 tbsp of brown liquor or water […]

  • Gluten free Lorne sausage

    Lorne sausage is Scotland’s own sausage. Made well, with good ingredients, it is delightfully different. Sadly all too many are made without care and with iffy ingredients, so they are merely “tasty” instead of “delightful”. Here’s a gluten free version for those who have to avoid wheat and other gluten bearing grains. 1 cup rice, […]

  • Queen of Puddings

    For Mother’s Day, I asked my wife to choose a pudding we’d never had before. To be extra mean I handed her a book with over 140 classic British Pudding recipes – how horrible I am! She chose Queen of Puddings. I have had this once before in my whole life. It’s one I felt […]

  • Stuart’s Gluten Free Simnel pudding

    Simnel Cake is a British Easter tradition. I decided to take the cake recipe and convert it to make a Simnel Pudding, because everyone needs some pudding in their life! Makes 1 large pudding. You can double the quantities to make 2. 250g/8oz mixed dried fruit 25g/1oz stem ginger (finely chopped or grated) 1/2 lemon […]