I am Stuart, an expatriate Scot living in Birmingham, Alabama. Join me on my voyage into the world of cooking, preserving, and talking about food. I am not any kind of certified food expert – I am just one guy who enjoys creating, eating, and talking about food. If anything I say here conflicts with advice from experts or professionals, you should always take the advice of the expert or professional.

As of March 2010 I renamed the blog to “Addicted to Canning”. This is to reflect the new focus of the site, which is going to mainly – but not exclusively – be about my experiences in canning (or putting up/putting away) food. I hope that many people will find this site a useful reference point for learning about food preservation!

I am also keeping in mind the maxim Don’t let perfect be the enemy of better. There are things everyone can do to make their diet “better”: eat organically grown produce, naturally raised meat, grow your own, etc. But you should never allow what you can’t do be the enemy of what you can do: Commit to making just one change to your diet. Switch from sweetened to unsweetened sodas, and see how your health changes. Make one more change… add more veggies to your meals? Eat one meatless meal a week? Subscribe to an organic CSA for one year to see how it goes?

The sky is the limit – but it starts with making one change!

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  1. Love your website! Question: Have you ever canned anything with cream in it? I have a wonderful recipe for a homemade mustard with horseradish in it – along with heavy sweet cream. It seems to keep a long while in the fridge, but I wondered if it could be pressure canned in small batches. So far I have found nothing that says that you can actually can something with dairy in it. What are your thoughts? Thanks in advance! Erin

  2. every resource I have read on the subject of canning dairy has the same response:

    don’t do it

    Annoying, but that seems to be the answer for home canners!

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