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  • Rethinking marmalade

    Marmalade has long been a staple of British breakfasts. This odd mixture of orange rind and sweetened pulp has graced many a slice of toast, muffin, scone, or as the case may be. But what is marmalade? In the English language, and in EU law, marmalade refers to any preserved citrus fruit. Peel or no […]

  • A word on food safety

    So your vegetable garden didn’t do so well. You only got a measly few quarts of home grown veggies to put by. Now it’s the depths of winter and you need some summer veg to make a nice stew. But, oh no! There’s some mold on there! Oh, well, you can just scrape it off, […]

  • Quoting Wil Wheaton

    From Wil Wheaton’s Twitter feed: The single most insulting thing you can tell a creative person is, upon viewing their creation, “you have too much free time.” Thank you, Wil – you hit the nail on the head. I do this – all the cooking and putting food up – because I want to […]

  • Spiced apple jelly

    Here’s a simple jelly recipe to start you off – lightly spiced apple jelly. Makes about six 8-ounce (250ml) jars. 4 cups / 1 litre unsweetened apple juice 1 package regular fruit pectin 7 cups / 1.75 litres sugar 3 cloves 3 allspice berries 1/4 teaspoon ginger powder Prepare jars and lids according to instructions […]

  • Jelly? Jam? Which is which?

    Being from the UK, I tend to call fruit preserves “jam”. Being in the US, most folks call them “jelly”. Both useages are, in fact, wrong, and here I explain why. The approximate definitions, in ascending order of fruitiness, are roughly as follows. Jelly Jelly is the thickened (with pectin), sweetened juice of fruits or […]

  • A word on old canning techniques

    If you like hanging around old bookstores, you will almost certainly come across canning recipe and technique books from all ages. They are definitely worth looking through and buying for the recipes. Fair warning: the canning/preserving techniques in older books are very strongly not recommended. If you follow these old techniques you run a serious […]

  • Basic principles of preservation

    I am going to assume zero previous knowledge of food preservation while writing this post. I am just a little ahead of the learning curve than someone who knows nothing about it, so I feel highly qualified to write on this basis! This post is not intended to be exhaustive or scientific – it’s to […]

  • Welcome to my cooking and preserving blog!

    I am going to be collecting tried and tested recipes and techniques, along with relevant photos, here in one place to make it easier for me to share information with everyone. Home preserving and cooking is fun, usually cheaper, and allows you to eat a lot more healthily than you can by buying all your […]