Making breakfast – bangers

What would breakfast be without bangers? To make this recipe you will need a food mixer with grinder and sausage stuffing attachment. If you can’t stuff the sausage casings you can still make sausage meat in your food processor and have it as sausage patties.


  • 9lbs lean pork
  • 3lbs fatback or similar
  • 2.5lbs rusk
  • 7 cups water
  • 3.5oz salt
  • 1oz white pepper
  • 0.75oz mace
  • 0.5oz ground ginger
  • 0.25oz sage
  • Cut rusk into large cubes and soak in the water. Prepare casings. Run pork and fat through coarse setting on grinder. Squeeze out excess water from rusk, thoroughly blend it and other ingredients together. Grind mixture through fine setting, then stuff into casings. Hang in a cold place (or refrigerate) for 24 hours before serving to allow all ingredients to thoroughly integrate.

    I like to make a large batch of the banger seasoning and decant as needed. I also like to double the seasoning rate, except for the salt: for example, make a batch of seasoning with 10oz white pepper, 7/5oz mace, 5oz ground ginger, 2.5oz mace, and 17.5 oz salt, then double the ratio of seasonings: using this recipe, there is a 2.6% seasoning ratio. If you bump that up to 5% you will have a much more noticeable contribution from the seasonings without it becoming salty.

    Once you make them yourself you will never look back at store bought sausages!

    Note: yes, you can make amazing sausages with this recipe without using the rusk. Just don’t call them “bangers” if you do so!


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