Basic meat sauce – pressure canning

I like having modular components as well as finished items. What I mean by a “modular component” is something which is not complete in and of itself, but that can very quickly become a tasty meal. In the case of this basic meat cause it can become chilli, curry, spaghetti sauce, or even a pizza topping depending on what spices, seasonings, or other supporting ingredients I add to it.

Basic meat sauce
Ground meat, approximately 3 to 4 lbs (1.5 to 2kg)
6 large (28oz/800g) cans crushed tomatoes

Cook the ground meat (I used beef and venison) with olive or other healthy vegetable/fruit oil until nicely browned. Add the 6 large cans of crushed tomatoes to the meat and heat thoroughly until nice and bubbly.

Portion into quart (litre) jars, leaving 1inch/2.5cm headroom in the jar (fill jar to the point just below where the shoulders narrow) and process in your pressure canner for 70 minutes. Follow the instructions for your pressure canner for time adjustments if you live 1000ft / 300m or more above sea level.

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