Ah, Thanksgiving. One of the leading causes of leftovers along with Christmas! But leftovers is where the home canner can really shine.

The turkey carcass? Boil it up to make a bone stock and put the squeeze on it. Same with the leftover veggies, you can put them up for later use. You could add some of your freshly made stock to make the vegetables into a rich and nutritious soup. Put that soup on the shelves for later in the year when you can’t be bothered cooking, or even when you are ill.

Got a ham? What are you waiting for – boil those bones and make a stock – then pressure can that bad boy! Yes, even things like Collard or Mustard Greens which are frequently made with pork stock or bacon can be canned.

What about all these lovely buttery, creamy sauces? Can you can them? The answer, sadly, is a categorical NO. Dairy products can’t be canned in any way that the USDA deems “safe”. If you have some butter or cream or milk in there, please don’t even take the chance – freeze it, and avoid that whole “dying from botulism” thing. That’s a once in a lifetime experience of suck!

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