Vinegar, the unsung hero

Why do I call vinegar the unsung hero? Because of its many uses…

  • Cleaner
    White vinegar (also called distilled vinegar, also called acetic acid) in a 1:1 mix with tap water is a very effective cleaner and steriliser. Use instead of bleach to clean stove tops, windows, bathrooms, and so on.  Be careful with tiling grout and marble, though.
  • Fabric softener
    You don’t need to buy expensive, perfumed, allergy-triggering fabric softener. Use white vinegar instead – use about 3/4 cup in the final rinse cycle, or put it into the softener container in your washing machine.
  • Streak free glass
    You can use it on glass as well. Cleans the glass without a streak.
  • Dishwasher rinse aid
    Yup. No more buying goop from the store – fill your rinse aid container with white vinegar instead.
  • Prevention / treatment of yeast infections
    Er… I’ll leave that one up to your imagination! If you are cloth diapering, wash the cloth diapers in vinegar and tea tree oil, then put out into the sunshine.
  • Oh… and you can use it in food, too 😉

For a lot more uses of our flexible friend, have a look at the Vinegar Institute’s website. Who knew that something natural and cheap could be so useful?

Well… we do!


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