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  • Lime marmalade

    This is the divine lime marmalade that the munchkin is loopy about! 12 limes 5 cups / 1.2 litres water 6.5 cups / 1.3kg sugar Slice the limes thinly, saving any pips. Tie the pips in a cheesecloth bag and place the bag in a large non-reactive pan with the finely sliced lime. Add the […]

  • Rethinking marmalade

    Marmalade has long been a staple of British breakfasts. This odd mixture of orange rind and sweetened pulp has graced many a slice of toast, muffin, scone, or as the case may be. But what is marmalade? In the English language, and in EU law, marmalade refers to any preserved citrus fruit. Peel or no […]

  • Spiced apple jelly

    Here’s a simple jelly recipe to start you off – lightly spiced apple jelly. Makes about six 8-ounce (250ml) jars. 4 cups / 1 litre unsweetened apple juice 1 package regular fruit pectin 7 cups / 1.75 litres sugar 3 cloves 3 allspice berries 1/4 teaspoon ginger powder Prepare jars and lids according to instructions […]