Seasonal vegan dessert or breakfast

OK, time to rock your socks with a seasonal, vegan, healthy (…. ish!) breakfast or dessert. It’s also dirt cheap!

As I have some blackberries and blueberries left over from my recent U-Pick experience, I thought it was time to make something fun. So, black-and-blue-berry pancakes it is!

1 cup self-raising flour
1 cup *milk
1 tablespoon milled flax seed
3 tablespoons water

Frying pan
Crumpet rings*

Mix the water and the milled flax seed 10 minutes before you start preparation of the batter. Stir the *milk (of whatever variety you prefer) into the prepared flax seed. Gently stir the self-raising flour into the liquid, stirring as little as possible to avoid forming gluten strands. Your batter should be fairly thick and will almost certainly be lumpy. If the lumps bother you, refrigerate the batter for 30 minutes or so to allow the flour to absorb the liquid rather than trying to stir everything together.

Prepare your frying pan with a little vegetable oil. Place your crumpet rings* (or you can use small food cans with the top and bottom cut out of them to form a closed-sided ring) in a small bowl with vegetable oil in it. You want to get the inside of the rings well lubricated.

Place the lubricated rings in the frying pan once it is up to temperature. Place a number of black- or blue-berries into the ring. (How many berries? About what looks right to you ;).) Put just enough batter into the ring to barely cover the smallest berries.

Once the top surface of the batter has begun to set up, gently remove the rings and place them back in the bowl of vegetable oil. Carefully test the pancake parcels until they come away from the frying pan surface, then flip and cook for another minute or so until the surface is just set. Serve with lashings of your favourite syrup.

Repeat until there is no more batter. Or fruit. If you run out of batter before you run out of fruit… make more batter 🙂

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