Seasonal Eating – April

As we head out of the treacherous March weather, more crops are coming into season. This means that your free time is going to vanish at an alarming rate as you try to keep up with what produce starts appearing on the shelves!

* New this month
* beets – roots and greens
Green Cabbage
* Red Cabbage
*Chinese Cabbage
Fingerling carrots
* Beans
Arugula / Rocket
* Cilantro / corriander
* Apples
* Mushrooms
* Flat leaf Parsley

Going out of season after this month:
Greens – turnip and mustard
Bok Choi
Swiss Chard

The usual warning applies – produce, being an agricultural crop, a living being, and subject to weather, drought, floods, and plagues of politicians, is subject to a lot of variability, but this post should give you some idea of what produce will be at its best price and best freshness.


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