Month: February 2011

  • Food sovereignty

    I heard a recent report on NPR news in which the reporter reeled out the usual trite comments about how bad the economy is, and concluded by saying that this is causing problems for the restaurant industry because eating at home is becoming “the new normal”. This casual, throw-away comment rocked me on a very…

  • A food challenge

    I have started a food challenge. The challenge is to reduce the distance our food travels, a concept known as food miles. How am I going to do this? I have already started by filling my freezer with meat from a local farmer. As much as possible we will be eating locally and ethically raised…

  • Seasonal Eating – February

    Here we are, in the spiteful last days of winter. Surely not much can be in season just now? Actually… no. Not much. February is pretty much the same as January, so pull up your stock pot, make a hug pot of stew or soup, and hide from the snow 🙂