Eating seasonally

in the developed world we have the unparalleled privilege of being able to eat pretty much any fruit or vegetable irrespective of season.

The downside to this is that the out-of-season produce has to be shipped to us from halfway around the world at great financial and fossil fuel cost.

We, the developed world, need to break our dependence on fossil fuels and out-of-season produce. We need to reconnect to the seasons, which will allow us to properly enjoy the experience of fruit and vegetables at the peak of their freshness and taste.

I am going to kick off a series of posts, one per month, where I will look at what produce is in season in Alabama and the south. Being in the southern part of the USA this will give people in more northerly areas an idea of what will be hitting your stores in the next month after my post. The biggest clue, of course, is that the produce goes on sale at a deep discount or Buy One Get One Free! If you watch for these cues you will be able to grab some stunningly tasty produce and, hopefully, you’ll reassess your addiction to eating strawberries in December…


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